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At Fast Cash Auto, our goal is to provide you with a straightforward, simple process for unlocking the equity you have to get the funds you need, as quickly as you desire. Our approval process is instant, we do not require credit checks, and can give you loan amounts, costs involved, and the next steps to take, all on your initial phone call. Then you can make an informed decision about whether a car title loan or equity loan is right for you. At Fast Cash, our goal is to be as fast as you need us to be, while making you as comfortable as possible with the loan process.

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What is a Car Title Loan?

If you own a vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, etc., you can use the value of that vehicle to borrow money. No matter what the reason; overdue bills, debt consolidation, investment opportunities, last second vacation plans, you can use the value of your vehicle to get the funds you need. The equity you have in your car determines how much you can borrow, and the entire process can be completed in as little as one hour. Contact us today to find out exactly what options are available to you.

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How do Car Title Loans Work?

Just call or fill out our online application and have your loan approved right away. You keep driving your vehicle throughout the loan duration, and our flexible payment terms allow you to customize the loan to fit your specific needs. Our agents are available anytime to walk you through the process from start to finish so that you are comfortable and informed about your loan.

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Car Title Loan Example

$5,000.00 borrowed for 12 months
Interest : $1,386.65
APR : 27.73%
Total amount payable : $6,386.65

Loan Term Length : 3 month - 2 years (renewals and early payout available)
APR : ranges from 9% - 60% based on equity used, loan amount required, etc.
Loan Amounts : Starts at $3,000, up to $30,000 on vehicles, more in certain circumstances. $5,000 minimum if using a home.

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  • Instant Approval
  • Cash in as soon as one hour
  • All you need is a vehicle
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Employment History Required
  • The Lowest Fees and Rates in Western Canada
  • Borrow Up to $50,000
  •  Open 24 / 7

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