Our customers borrow money against their vehicles for a wide variety of reasons.  Some customers are in between jobs, some have an investment opportunity, some are tired of jumping through the hoops and the time involved in borrowing from the big banks.  A car title loan is a way to get the money you need, the same day you request it if need be.  Fast Cash Auto is committed to understanding and meeting our customers’ diverse needs.

Our car title loans allow you to borrow up to $25,000, and in some cases more. The amount you can borrow is determined by the value of your vehicle, which is determined based on the year, make, model and mileage.  Based on these factors, Fast Cash Auto can determine in a matter of minutes how much you qualify for.  Contact our office or fill out the online application form to get your instant car title loan quote anytime.

Step 1: You either fill out the online application or call our office and provide your vehicle info.

Step 2: We let you know the maximum amount you can borrow, and go over ALL costs involved in the title loan process.

Step 3 : If you wish to proceed at that point, we will have you send a few photos of your vehicle and supporting documents so that we can prepare your loan.

Step 4 : Get your money!

We do our best to make the title loan process as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you need it, we can get you money the same day you apply, guaranteed!  We are the fastest car title loan company in the the industry, we work hard to make sure our customers’ needs are met.

Yes you can get a title loan with any of the assets mentioned. Give us a call and find out what size loan you qualify for.

Fast Cash Auto does NOT have an age limit on the vehicle we will consider a title loan on.  This separates us from many of our competitors who have strict rules on the mileage and year of vehicle they can lend on.  The value of your vehicle is the sole determining factor in getting a title loan at Fast Cash Auto.

Yes, we lend you money based on the equity in your vehicle, what you own determines how much you can borrow, not your credit history, not your employment history.  If you own your vehicle, that is what qualifies you for a title loan.

No, all costs will be explained to you over the phone prior to you ever having to come in.  We take pride in being fully transparent in exactly what is involved throughout the duration of the loan so that you can make an educated decision before proceeding with the car title loan.

Please call and ask!  We want you to feel 100% comfortable from the day you call to ask about a car title loan till the day the loan is completed.  There are no questions we are not happy to discuss with you.